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Annual Maintanance
1. We provide AMC services for both Branded and Assembled Computers and Laptops.
Our Computer AMC Service includes:
Add / Remove Computer Hardware
Printer Maintenance
Monitor maintenance
Repairing of Hard Disk, Modem,DVD-ROM
Network Troubleshooting
Services based on Internet
Protecting the system hackers
Virus Protection and Virus Removal

2. Why choose Rudra Computers.

Round the Clock Support, Through out the Year
Critical Software Updates, Security Fixes, Patches, Service Packs
Smart Tune Up - Better Performance
Optimized PC/Speed up your computer
Keep your computer free from Spywares/Adwares
Low Cost Plan
No Computer Crashes
Security against hackers, trozans and viruses.
Single Window Support to all your PC Repair Needs

3. AMC Rates (Business User)

Desktop Computer - Rs. 1,800.00 per year(without parts)
Laptop Computer - Rs. 2,000.00 per year (without parts)

4. AMC Rates (Home User)

Desktop Computer - Rs. 1,400.00 per year (without parts)
Laptop Computer - Rs. 1,600.00 per year (without parts)

Please contact us for AMC prices with support for parts.

Please note that proffesional service providers such as freelance programmers, graphic
designers, doctors, lawyers
interior decorators etc would be considered as Business user.

5. AMC Terms & Conditions

AMC Services requires a contract duly signed by both parties, we accept payment 100% in
advance, along with the signage of contract.
We offer AMC services WITHOUT PARTS, which means that if some part is damaged and
cannot be fixed,
the client will have to bear the cost for the purchase of new computer part.

6. AMC Payment Terms

100% Advance for each quarter
Payment Mode: Cash / Cheque / Demand Draft
We do not accept POST DATED Cheques

7.Documents Required

Purchase Order (duly signed, company's letter head)
Original Invoice for devices which needs to be brought under the contract.


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