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Managed Service
Managed Services is a new approach to outsourced IT.
If you think about the traditional outsourced IT model almost all service providers are setup to
make money when something breaks.
Working under this break/fix model routine maintenance items are ignored, setting up
numerous ticking time bombs waiting to go off.

The Managed Services model is different from what you've experienced.
Managed Services is designed to protect your company from runaway costs with proactive
and ongoing services.
For a set monthly fee all standard services are included.
The incentive for your IT provider shifts from getting paid when something
breaks to a long term relationship with proactive maintenance and "worry-free" IT service and

You benefit from a fixed budget, gaining a provider with a vested interest in protecting your
and a trusted partner to advise you on the best technical solutions to the challenges facing
your company.

By partnering with Professional Computer Services you receive an experienced, trusted and
reliable resource for
planning, implementing and maintaining your IT infrastructure.
Our flat rate subscription plans provide controlled and predictable costs.
Whether your challenges are IT planning, budgeting or day to day maintenance
we've researched and implemented best-in-class solutions for all business needs.
You understand the value of technology and we'll help you get the most for


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