has a full staff of skilled hardware engineers to diagnoseand repair problems with yourtechnology related
hardwareequipment,systems, servers, workstations and peripherals
Contains last-minute product information, updates to the Adobe Photoshopdocumentation, and troublelast-minute product
information, updates to the Adobe Photoshop documentation
Microsoft Certified Professional
Quick heal Antivirus Dealer
Intel Associated .
Iball Products Register Dealer.
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Whether your computer system is totaly down, or is not working as per your expectations,
we can help you to fix the same, our services are not just limited to computer systems,
we also provide maintenance services for other devices such as printers, scanners, broadband modems, network interface cards etc.
We also provide support for operating system malfunctioning,
data recovery, server installation, server maintanance, security and backup services.
Please note, at present, our services are limited to Ahmedabad city only, but very soon,
we are working to expand our service networking to other important cities.
Please forward all your computer hardware or software related queries to us by means of
any of the following communication methods:

238,Rudra Computers
2ND Floor, Shreyash Complex
Near Vejalpur Bus Stand,Vejalpur
Ahmedabad 380 051.
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