has a full staff of skilled hardware engineers to diagnoseand repair problems with yourtechnology related
hardwareequipment,systems, servers, workstations and peripherals
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Microsoft Certified Professional
Quick heal Antivirus Dealer
Intel Associated .
Iball Products Register Dealer.
Welcome to Rudra Computers !
We offer computer hardware and software maintanance services.

Professional Computer Services has been providing small businesses with computer service and support since 1999. It is our mission to measure our achievement and accomplishments through the eyes of our valued customers.

Rudra Computers is Professional Computer Services President and has 10 years experience in the computer field.

Best Services
We offer services for computer maintanance, server maintanance, computer networking, computer, printer maintanance, local area networking, wide area networking, server maintanance, wireless networking, laptop maintanance, data backup and data recovery.
Company Overview
We also provide computer networking security,internet security, virus/malware protection & removal services on annual maintanance contract basis.
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